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BDIX FTP Server List 2020 (Super collection)

FTP, the full meaning of which is the file transfer protocol, is the fastest way of transferring computer files between the server and a client within a computer network. The server opens the door for moving files around conveniently and has been using for a long ago. It generally transfers data or information from the computer to the server where there is a hosted website.

BDIX FTP Server List

BDIX FTP server is an IXP junction where the internet service protocol and other providers of data service get connected to each other. BDIX was established in Bangladesh in 2004. It was established with a view to providing more channels among different data service providers. The service providers download most desired media files with their faster internet connection. After that, they make them available for you and you get 4 or 5 times more speed to download than your actual package speed.

Why BDIX FTP Servers are beneficial

The biggest benefits of BDIX FTP server that it will enhance your internet speed by multiple times. Suppose a file requires 25-30 minutes to download with a normal internet speed. But it will take only 2 to 3 minutes or even less to download the same file with the BDIX FTP server. Another benefit of this server is that it will bring you one of the best opportunities to enjoy live video streaming, gaming, and a lot more. If your connection speed doesn’t allow you to play games online, you can take this opportunity from your service provider. For various reasons, you should choose the internet service provider in your area who are offering local FTP server and access to other BDIX FTP servers too.

BDIX FTP Server List 2020

The best FTP server is the one that your provider owns or operates. But you can also check out some other providers’ FTP servers and the list is given below.

  1. Net at Home BD
  3. Net Matrix BD
  4. CrazyHD
  5. Ant House BD
  6. BDPlex
  7. Free Media BD
  8. Sam FTP
  9. Movie Box BD
  10. Mega Plex BD
  11. BokaSoka
  12. FTP BD
  13. BD Speed
  14. Dhaka FTP
  15. Natural BD
  16. Movie Mela
  17. Boss BD
  18. Moja Loss
  19. Ebox
  20. The Intro Vision
  21. Movie Server
  22. Skynet
  23. BD Fun
  24. Fun Time BD
  25. Quick Online FTP
  26. Circle FTP
  27. IT Base BD
  28. DFN BD
  29. Dhaka Movie
  30. Rangdhanu
  31. South Link BD
  32. Cine Bioscope
  33. Voot BD
  34. Info BD
  35. Bitnet BD
  36. Panda Club BD
  37. Movie Daba
  38. baaghi 3 download

But those are not all and you will find a lot of other servers without any names. Just be careful about downloading from any source and scan the files before using.

Final Word

In reality, BDIX FTP server has brought a lot of benefits to all data service providers, many internet users, internet service providers, etc. But the draw back of this server is that only the broad band internet users don’t get the benefits.



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