FIH Hockey World Cup Prize Money 2023 (INR, BDT, USD)

The 2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup is the 15th edition of the men’s hockey world cup. The competition has been scheduled to take place from 13th to 29th January. Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar and Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium in Rourkela have the privilege to host the games. 16 teams from 5 confederations are taking part in the alluded tournament. Here we will reveal the FIH Hockey World Cup Prize Money for 2023 in Indian Rupees, BDT, and USD. English Premier League Sponsorship Deals 2023.

FIH Hockey World Cup Prize Money

Find how much a team, players, and staff will earn for winning a Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Here you can find each country’s federation’s declared cash prize money for FIH Hockey World Cup 2023.

Hockey World Cup 2023 Prize Money

Full chart of Hockey World Cup 2023 Bonus Prize Money declared by the federations.

Country NameGold Medal BonusSilver Medal BonusBronze Medal Bonus
Argentina15k US Dollars8k US Dollars4k US Dollars
Australia10k AU Dollars7k AU Dollars5k AU Dollars
Belgium15k US Dollars10k US Dollars7k US Dollars
England15k US Dollars7.5k US Dollars3.5k US Dollars
France20k US Dollars12k US Dollars9k US Dollars
India20k US Dollars15k US Dollars10k US Dollars
Malaysia25k US Dollars15k US Dollars10k US Dollars
Netherlands15k US Dollars10k US Dollars5k US Dollars
New Zealand10k US Dollars7k US Dollars4k US Dollars
South Africa10k US Dollars7k US Dollars3k US Dollars
Spain10k US Dollars7k US Dollars5k US Dollars
Wales5k US Dollars3k US Dollars2k US Dollars

Malaysia has announced the biggest prize as the nation would grant 25k US Dollars to each player if they manage to clinch the Gold. Their declared sum for a Silver and Bronze would be 15k USD and 10k USD respectively. Wales will award the least amount of money as the Welsh federation has announced that their sums will be 5k USD, 3k USD, and 2k USD for Gold, Silver, and Bronze respectively.

FIH Hockey World Cup Prize Money
Hockey World Cup Prize Money in Indian Rupees

Hockey World Cup Prize Money in Indian Rupees

Indian Hockey Federation “Hockey India” also declared a lucrative sum of bonus money to the players and staff if “Team India’ manage to achieve the expected results. The federation’s announced sum would be presented in INR below.

If the side clinches Gold, then each squad member will receive 25 Lac Indian Rupees and each staff will bag 5 Lac INR. If they finish 2nd with a Silver, then each player to receive 15 Lac INR while every staff will take 3 Lac rupees home. And finally, for a 3rd place Bronze medal finish, each player and staff will pocket 10 Lac INR and 2 Lac INR respectively.

AchievementBonus for Each PlayerBonus for Each Staff
Gold Medal (1st Place)25 Lac Indian Rupees5 Lac Indian Rupees
Silver Medal (2nd Place)15 Lac Indian Rupees3 Lac Indian Rupees
Bronze Medal (3rd Place)10 Lac Indian Rupees2 Lac Indian Rupees

Hockey World Cup Trophy Price in Indian Rupees

The Hockey World Cup is a masterpiece of craftsmanship trophy carved out of gold and silver. The masterpiece exhibits a hockey stick and ball sticking on top of an embellished big globe. It has a height of 650 mm (26 in) and weighs 11,560 g (408 oz). The weighted element contains 895g (31.6 oz) of gold, 6,815g (240.4 oz) of silver, 350 g (12 oz) of ivory, and 3,500g (120 oz) of teak. However, the actual price of the Hockey World Cup Trophy is unrevealed.

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