How will Argentina Qualify for Round of 16 in FIFA World Cup 2022?

Lionel Messi and Argentina have come to Qatar to fulfill their World Cup dreams. The popular Latin American football nation has failed to lift the most prestigious football trophy “FIFA World Cup” in the last 36 years. The last time the White & Sky Blues were crowned world champions was back in 1986 thanks to Diego Maradona’s masterclass. After the Maradona era, another legend came in form of Lionel Messi. Maradona has passed away and Messi is on the verge of the end of his career but Albicelestes are yet to win the FIFA WC again. Now in a critical situation in Qatar, here we will discuss how can Argentina Qualify for the Round of 16. Why is Paulo Dybala Not Starting for Argentina in Qatar 2022?

How will Argentina Qualify for the Round of 16?

Find all answers as well as equations Argentina requires to reach the World Cup 2022 Round of 16.

Did Argentina Qualify for Round of 16?

No, Argentina currently has 3 points in their bag. They tasted defeat in their opening game against Saudi Arabia. Then they made a comeback against Mexico with a 2-0 victory thanks to Leo Messi’s magic. But they are yet to qualify for the Round of 16.

Will Argentina Qualify for the Round of 16?

Now, this is the most vital question raised. Billions of Argentina fans are asking each other and in the search engines whether Argentina can qualify for the RO16 or not. Although currently we can’t answer this question, but one thing we can assure that, Messi and his boys have all the abilities to make sure that they qualify for the FIFA World Cup Round of 16. But they will have to perform well to earn a better result in their next match.

Argentina Next Match:

Argentina’s next match is on the 30th of November. Lionel Scaloni’s side will face European side Poland in their next match. The game will be hosted by Stadium 974. Kick-off time for Argentina vs Poland is 10 pm local time in Qatar, 1 am Bangladesh time (+1d). The game will begin in the UK at 7 pm GMT or in the US at 2 pm Eastern.

How will Argentina Qualify for Round of 16
How Argentina can qualify for Round of 16

How Argentina can qualify for Round of 16?

Perhaps the most searched and asked question on the internet these days. How does Argentina qualify for the next round? The equations and scenarios are quite complicated. We’ll present all the equations here to make you understand.

Win vs Poland:

Argentina can book their place without depending on any other sides by winning against Poland. 3 points against the Polish side will take Argentina to the World Cup Round of 16. In fact, a win will set them at the top of the group. But in a rare case if Saudi Arabia manages to beat Mexico and claims a better goal difference (currently -1) than Argentina (currently +1) then Saudi will finish at the top with Argentina being in the 2nd position. So in that case, Saudi will have to win by at least 3 goals margin to go past Argentina’s goal difference.

So in simple words, Argentina can qualify for the Round of 16 by winning the match against Poland.

What happens if Argentina draws Poland?

That will be a risky option. But it can still take them to the Round of 16 as the group runners-up. Because a draw will set Poland at 5 points and will ensure a place for them in the next round. But Argentina will have 4 points in that case.

Currently, Saudi Arabia has 3 points and Mexico has 1. So if the KSA vs Mexico ends in a draw in that case Argentina will be through even with a draw against Poland. In fact, even if Mexico beats Saudi with a 1 or 2 goals difference that will take Argentina (with a draw vs Poland) to the next round.

But in case, KSA beats Mexico by any margin or Mexico manages to win by more than 3 goals, in that case, Argentina must win vs Poland to qualify. If Mexico beats Saudi by 3 goals difference, in that case, the number of scored goals will come into consideration. The side between Argentina and Mexico to score more goals in the whole group stage will qualify in that case.

What if Argentina Lost to Poland?

Argentina will be out of the World Cup doesn’t matter what the result is in another match.

How can Argentina avoid France?

If they win against Poland and top Group C, Argentina can avoid France which is most likely to top Group D. FIFA World Cup Fixtures 2022.

Argentina Round of 16 Equation:

  • Win vs Poland will be enough to reach RO16.

A Draw vs Poland will also be enough, if:

  • MEX vs KSA ends in a draw.
  • MEX wins by a 1 or 2-goal difference vs KSA.
  • MEX wins by 3 goal difference but scores lesser goals than Argentina (in total group-stage goals scored will come into consideration first before the H2H result).

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