Olympic Games History , Events Equestrian and Combat Sports

Olympic Games is considered as the Athletic festival where athletes from all around the world gather together to play various types of sports. Olympic Games is an international sports event.  To specify, athletes compete against each other to a specific game event. An event of the Olympic Games held after four calendar years. The game is also popularly known as the “classical games”.

Olympic Games History

The Olympic festival was originated in ancient Greece. At the very beginning of the Olympic events, people of ancient Greece believed they play those games in honor of their God Zeus [Greek mythology’s Supreme God]. The Olympic Games were the most favorite games of Greek people among all other sports events. There are two parties in this game. One party is the crowd another one is the players itself where the crowd gathered to watch various sports among the competitors.

There were many mesmerizing sports like wrestling, horse racing, pentathlon, boxing, and footraces. The event was ended up with a casual chariot race. In the early centuries of the Olympic Games, all the sports held on a single day. Later on, it increased the length of the event at 4 to 5 days. Let’s go through some exciting ancient Olympic sports.

Olympic Events Equestrian

Here the most exciting sports in Olympic happened. The most mesmerizing spectator sport was Chariot Racing. More than 40 chariots could compete in a single race. The most exciting feature of this game was here crashing are legal and its pretty common. In ancient times only, wealthy people could afford a chariot and horses.

Combat Sports

The most attractive Olympic events referred to as heavy events.  Here the authority giving a chance to win a large sum of money if they could win against the professionals and proved themselves at the Olympic events. The games called Pankration, a mixture of wrestling and boxing where every tactic was legal except to hit on the eyes orbiting the opponents. That’s why Boxing was considered as one of the most violent sports. But later on, the whole idea of Boxing was reformed even the gloves were reformed as well.

Olympic Running

The most prestigious ancient event of the Olympics was running a race throughout the stadium at a distance of about 600 Olympic feet, highly likely 192.28 meters. Later on, this shifted to 200 meters long race.  Here the runner runs with some painted clay on his arms and legs.

Modern Day Olympic Games

Let’s now move on the modern days Olympic Games. In 1896, the first international edition of modern Olympics games was held in Athens, Greece along with the 14 countries athletes. In the first edition of the modern Olympics, Events has 241 male athletes and zero women. It was unlikely to ancient games or history. In the second modern Olympic edition in 1990, it had 997 athletes where 22 of them were women. It was one of the most interesting facts about the Olympic Games.

In 1924, the Olympic authority had included cold-weather sports. It was completely different from the current Olympic Games. Some of the modern days Olympic sports are mentioned here: Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing and Kayaking, Cycling, Equestrian arts, Fencing, Field Hockey, gymnastics and so on. Recently the authority includes the Cricket and Football in it.

Final Words

According to the schedule, there will be an Olympic event on July 24, 2020, in Tokyo, Japan. But there is a possibility that the Olympic Games this year might be rescheduled because of the current COVID-19 or Corona Virus threats. We hope and pray to God that this threat will go away and we can enjoy our most favorite sports events.


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