Dhaka Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price

Metro Rail is set to start its journey in Bangladesh. It is expected to bring a revolution in the transportation system within Dhaka city. The project will not only decrease the sufferings of the people who have to travel through the jams in Dhaka city but also will decrease pressure on road transportation systems or city buses. It will also minimize the jams within the city and will be a budget-friendly option for the riders. And most importantly the Metro rail will save valuable time for the general mass. Here we will reveal to you the Dhaka Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price. Bangladesh Cricket Team Home Series Tickets Price in Bangladesh.

Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price

Minimum Fare 20 Bangladeshi Taka
Maximum Fare 100 Bangladeshi Taka
Fare per Kilometer 5 Taka per Kilometer
Northern Most Station Uttara North
Southern Most Station Kamlapur

Dhaka Metro Rail Ticket Price

Here is the detailed Dhaka Metro Rail Ticket Price.

Minimum Fare:

The minimum fare of the Dhaka Metro Rail tickets will be 20 Bangladeshi Taka. So, if you ride the train and go to the nearest station, you’ll have to pay 20 BDT. That’s the lowest price you can pay even for the shortest ride.

Maximum Fare:

The maximum fare is also pretty much cheap. Things are getting costly in the country and worldwide. But even if you travel the biggest distance and have a ride from Uttara North to Kamlapur or vice-versa then it will make you pay a total of 100 Bangladeshi Taka. It doesn’t seem much costly, does it?

Metro Rail Cost per KM (Ticket):

Fare per kilometer has been determined as around 5 Bangladeshi takas. Dhaka is a very busy city and one of the busiest in the entire world. So the determined fare seems to be logical, perhaps.

Dhaka Metro Rail Fare Chart

Here is the complete Dhaka Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price or Fare Chart.

From (Station) To (Station) Ticket Price or Fare
Uttara North Uttara North N/A
Uttara North Uttara Center 20 Taka
Uttara North Uttara South 20 Taka
Uttara North Pallabi 30 Taka
Uttara North Mirpur 11 30 Taka
Uttara North Mirpur 10 40 Taka
Uttara North Kazipara 40 Taka
Uttara North Shyaorapara 50 Taka
Uttara North Agargaon 60 Taka
Uttara North Bijay Sharani 60 Taka
Uttara North Farm Gate 70 Taka
Uttara North Kaoran Bazar 80 Taka
Uttara North Shahbag 80 Taka
Uttara North Dhaka University 90 Taka
Uttara North Secretariat 90 Taka
Uttara North Matijhil 100 Taka
Uttara North Kamlapur 100 Taka
Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price
Dhaka Metro Rail Fare Chart

Metro Rail Project Cost:

According to the latest reports, the total Dhaka Metro Rail Project Cost in Bangladesh so far is 33,471.99 crore BDT. So, in the US currency, the cost will be approximately 3.262 Billion US Dollars.

Is Metro available in Bangladesh?

The 20-year-long Strategic Transport Plan (STP) outlined by the Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) is set to start its journey. The Dhaka Metro‘s MRT 6-line will be inaugurated on Wednesday, December 28th, 2022.

How many trains are there in Dhaka Metro train?

There will be a total of 24 trains by December 2024. Those trains will cruise at a 100kmph speed and hence will cover the 21.16 KM distance from Agargaon to Kamalapur route within 38 to 40 minutes.

Is there any Bullet Train in Bangladesh?

Currently, there ain’t any but the Dhaka–Chittagong high-speed railway will be eligible for such trains. The mega-money project will help people reach the city of Chattogram from Dhaka within 55 to 73 minutes. The train will cruise at an enormous 300 KMPH speed.

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