Emi Martinez Aston Villa Salary in Taka, INR, USD; Contract Expiry

Emiliano Martinez is the World Cup Hero for Argentina. He is the FIFA WC-winning goalkeeper for the Albicelestes. The gloveman currently plays for English Premier League Aston Villa. Here GTV Live will reveal Emi Martinez Aston Villa Salary in Taka, Indian Rupees, US Dollars, Euros, and Pounds. Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Salary in Taka, Rupees, Dollars, & Euros.

Emi Martinez Aston Villa Salary in Taka

Martinez is one of the best keepers in the football world but he served as the first-choice GK for Aston Villa. How much does Emiliano Martinez get paid? How much does Emiliano Martinez earn per week? Find all these answers.

Emi Martinez Salary Aston Villa

Period Emi Martinez Salary in Taka Argentina Goalkeeper Income in Rupees Emiliano Martinez Earnings in Dollars
Annual Earnings 82 Crore BD Taka 63 Crore Indian Rupees 7.71 Million US Dollars
Monthly Salary 6.8 Crore BD Taka 5.23 Crore Indian Rupees 642.83k US Dollars
Weekly Wage Fee 1.57 Crore BD Taka 1.21 Crore Indian Rupees 148.35k US Dollars
Daily Income 22.47 Lac BD Taka 17.28 Lac Indian Rupees 21.13k US Dollars
Hourly Rate 93625 BD Taka 72000 Indian Rupees 880 US Dollars
Fee per Minute 1560 BD Taka 1200 Indian Rupees 14.66 US Dollars
Payment per Second 26 BD Taka 20 Indian Rupees 24.44 Cents

Emi Martinez Weekly Salary

The FIFA Best Goalkeeper of the Year Award winner takes 120 Thousand British Pounds per week for his provided service to the Villans. In Dollars, the sum is approximately 148.35k USD. Martinez has so many fans in Bangladesh and India. In the BD currency, the Argentine gets 1.57 Crore BD Taka every 7 days which makes his weekly salary 1.21 Crore in Indian Rupees.

Emi Martinez Salary in Taka
Emi Martinez Aston Villa Salary in Rupees Taka USD

Emi Martinez Yearly Salary

Emiliano is the 4th highest-paid player in the current Aston Villa squad as of 2023. His 6.24 million British Pounds annual salary sits just behind the wages of Digne, Kamara, and Coutinho. Martinez pockets a total of 7.71 Million US Dollars per year from his Villa contracts. The sum is equivalent to 82 Crore BD Taka or 63 Crore Indian Rupees.

How much does Emiliano Martinez get paid?

Emiliano Martinez’s monthly salary is 642.83k US Dollars. In BDT it’s as high as 6.8 Crore and in Rupees it is worth around 5.23 Crore.

Emiliano Martinez Wages Aston Villa

Time Frame Emiliano Martinez Salary in Pounds Emi Martinez Aston Villa Earnings in Euros
Annual Income 6.24 Million Pounds 7.07 Million Euros
Monthly Wage Fee 520 Thousand Pounds 590 Thousand Euros
Salary Per Week 120 Thousand Pounds 135.91 Thousand Euros

Emi Martinez Contract Expiry

Emi Martinez signed his latest contract with Aston Villa on January 21st, 2022. His contract with the Villans will run till June 30th, 2027.

How much is Emi Martinez worth after world cup?

Find Emiliano Martinez worth in 2023 here.

Who is Aston Villas highest paid player?

Lucas Digne is the highest-paid player in Aston Villa. The French defender is paid 160k British Pounds per week. The contract brings him an annual salary of 8.32 million British Pounds. Kamara and Coutinho followed the Frenchman. Their weekly salaries are 150k and 125k British Pounds respectively.

How much does Emiliano Martinez earn per week?

Emiliano Martinez earns 120 Thousand Pounds or 135.91 Thousand Euros per week. The sum is 1.57 Crore when converts into BD Taka.

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