Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Salary in Taka, Rupees, Dollars, Euros

Enzo Fernandez is the World Cup-winning midfielder for Argentina. The youngster played a crucial role for the Albicelestes in Qatar. He scored 1 and also assisted while providing a top-level service in the Argentina midfield. As a result the young guy got an immense offer and grabbed it to join Chelsea. He smashed all the transfer fee records in the EPL history. Here GTV Live will reveal Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Salary in Taka, Dollars, and Rupees. Cristiano Ronaldo Salary in Bangladeshi Taka (Al Nassr Salary).

Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Salary in Taka

How much is Enzo Fernandez salary at Chelsea? Check out Enzo Fernandez Weekly & Annual Salary at Chelsea.

Enzo Fernandez Salary Chelsea

Period Fernandez Salary in Taka Enzo Fernandez Income in Rupees Enzo Fernandez Earnings in Dollars
Annual Earnings 123 Crore BD Taka 94.6 Crore Indian Rupees 11.57 Million Dollars
Monthly Salary 10.25 Crore BD Taka 7.88 Crore Indian Rupees 953.57k US Dollars
Weekly Wage Fee 2.36 Crore BD Taka 1.81 Crore Indian Rupees 222.5k US Dollars
Daily Income 33.7 Lac BD Taka 25.92 Lac Indian Rupees 31.78k US Dollars
Hourly Rate 1.4 Lac BD Taka 1.08 Lac Indian Rupees 1.32k US Dollars
Fee per Minute 2340 BD Taka 1800 Indian Rupees 22 US Dollars
Payment per Second 39 BD Taka 30 Indian Rupees 36.66 Cents

Enzo Fernandez Weekly Salary at Chelsea

Fernandez is one of the top 10 highest-paid players at Chelsea as of his debut campaign. He receives his salary in Pounds. The sum is as much as 180k GBP. It’s equivalent to 222.5k US Dollars. Indian fans who asked for Enzo’s salary can know that this Argentine’s wage fee is 1.81 Crore Indian Rupees. Many Enzo fans exist in Bangladesh and in the BD currency, the midfielder’s weekly wage fee is 2.36 Crore Bangladeshi Taka.

Enzo Fernandez Chelsea Salary in Taka
Enzo Fernandez Weekly Salary at Chelsea in Rupees Taka

Enzo Fernandez Annual Salary

The Chelsea contract hands Enzo Fernandez a whopping 9.36 million British Pounds per year. So, the Argentine is paid approximately 11.57 Million Dollars per annum. Argentine midfielder Enzo Fernandez’s yearly earnings are as much as 123 Crore BD Taka or 94.6 Crore Indian Rupees.

What is Enzo Fernandez salary?

Enzo Fernandez monthly salary is 780k Pounds or 953.57k US Dollars. In BD Taka, Enzo pockets 10.25 Crore per month. In Rupees, Enzo’s monthly salary is 7.88 Crore.

How much is Enzo Fernandez salary at Chelsea?

Enzo Fernandez sits among the top 10 highest-earners at Chelsea. His 9.36m Pounds annual salary is more than most of the Chelsea squad members. Take a look at the chart to get a clear idea about his salary.

Time Frame Enzo Fernandez Salary in Pounds Fernandez Argentina Earnings in Euros
Annual Income 9.36 Million British Pounds 10.6 Million Euros
Monthly Wage Fee 780k British Pounds 883k Euros
Weekly Salary 180k British Pounds 203k Euros

Who is the highest paid player in Chelsea?

Currently, Raheem Sterling is the highest-paid player in Chelsea. His weekly salary is 325k GBP. While he bags a total of 16.9 million Pounds per year. Manchester United Players Salary Per Week 2023.

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