ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule Bangladesh, India Time

All the cricket lovers around the world are holding their breath during this Covid pandemic; due to this pandemic situation ICC Men’s Cricket T20 World Cup has been postponed. It has been scheduled between Sat, 1 June 2024 and Sat, 29 June 2024 in India with 16 participating teams. There will be 45 matches overall. Impact of Covid pandemic prolonged through 2024, as a result, many scheduled match and International events of ICC has to be postponed.

ICC Cricket T20 World Cup Schedule

The opening match will occur between USA v CANADA on Sat, 1 June 2024. After that, teams on the super 12 will play their games. There will be two groups on the first round listed as Group A and Group B. there will be twelve matches among group A and group B.

ICC T20 World Cup 2024

Tournament T20 World Cup
Year 2024
Match Type Twenty-20
Host Country UAE
Organizer ICC
Starting Date Sat, 1 June 2024
Last match date Sat, 29 June 2024
Match Schedule Check Below


Winner teams among these two groups will play the second round in Super 12. Super twelve will start onward Sat, 1 June 2024.  There will be twenty-nine matches among super twelve groups. India, England, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia are some of the popular major teams of the ICC world cup.

ICC Cricket T20 World Cup Group Team venue

Group Teams Venues
A USA, India, Pakistan, Canada, Ireland Lauderhill, Dallas, New York, Long Island (Nassau County International Cricket Stadium)
B England, Australia, Namibia, Scotland, Oman Lauderhill, Dallas, New York
C West Indies, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Uganda, Papua New Guinea Six venues across the Caribbean
D South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Nepal Six venues across the Caribbean

Full fixtures for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024

Date Match Vanue
Sat, 1 June 2024 USA v CANADA Dallas
Sun, 2 June 2024 WEST INDIES v PAPUA NEW GUINEA Guyana
Sun, 2 June 2024 NAMIBIA v OMAN Barbados
Mon, 3 June 2024 SL v SOUTH AFRICA New York
Mon, 3 June 2024 AFGHANISTAN v UGANDA Guyana
Tue, 4 June 2024 ENGLAND v SCOTLAND Barbados
Tue, 4 June 2024 NETHERLANDS v NEPAL Dallas
Wed, 5 June 2024 INDIA v IRELAND New York
Wed, 5 June 2024 PAPUA NEW GUINEA v UGANDA Guyana
Wed, 5 June 2024 AUSTRALIA v OMAN Barbados
Thur, 6 June 2024 USA v PAKISTAN Dallas
Thur, 6 June 2024 NAMIBIA v SCOTLAND Barbados
Fri, 7 June 2024 CANADA v IRELAND New York
Fri, 7 June 2024 NEW ZEALAND v AFGHANISTAN Guyana
Fri, 7 June 2024 SRI LANKA v BANGLADESH Dallas
Sat, 8 June 2024 NETHERLANDS v SOUTH AFRICA New York
Sat, 8 June 2024 AUSTRALIA v ENGLAND Barbados
Sat, 8 June 2024 WEST INDIES v UGANDA Guyana
Sun, 9 June 2024 INDIA v PAKISTAN New York
Sun, 9 June 2024 OMAN v SCOTLAND Antigua
Mon, 10 June 2024 SOUTH AFRICA v BANGLADESH New York
Tue, 11 June 2024 PAKISTAN v CANADA New York
Tue, 11 June 2024 SRI LANKA v NEPAL Florida
Tue, 11 June 2024 AUSTRALIA v NAMIBIA Antigua
Wed, 12 June 2024 USA v INDIA New York
Wed, 12 June 2024 WEST INDIES v NEW ZEALAND Trinidad
Thur, 13 June 2024 ENGLAND v OMAN Antigua
Thur, 13 June 2024 BANGLADESH v NETHERLANDS St. Vincent
Thur, 13 June 2024 AFGHANISTAN v PAPUA NEW GUINEA Trinidad
Fri, 14 June 2024 USA v IRELAND Florida
Fri, 14 June 2024 SOUTH AFRICA v NEPAL St. Vincent
Fri, 14 June 2024 NEW ZEALAND v UGANDA Trinidad
Sat, 15 June 2024 INDIA v CANADA Florida
Sat, 15 June 2024 NAMIBIA v ENGLAND Antigua
Sat, 15 June 2024 AUSTRALIA v SCOTLAND St. Lucia
Sun, 16 June 2024 PAKISTAN v IRELAND Florida
Sun, 16 June 2024 BANGLADESH v NEPAL St. Vincent
Sun, 16 June 2024 SRI LANKA v NETHERLANDS St. Lucia
Mon, 17 June 2024 NEW ZEALAND v PAPUA NEW GUINEA Trinidad
Mon, 17 June 2024 WEST INDIES v AFGHANISTAN St. Lucia
Wed, 19 June 2024 A2 v D1 Antigua
Wed, 19 June 2024 B1 v C2 St. Lucia
Thur, 20 June 2024 C1 v A1 Barbados
Thur, 20 June 2024 B2 v D2 Antigua
Fri, 21 June 2024 B1 v D1 St. Lucia
Fri, 21 June 2024 A2 v C2 Barbados
Sat, 22 June 2024 A1 v D2 Antigua
Sat, 22 June 2024 C1 v B2 St. Vincent
Sun, 23 June 2024 A2 v B1 Barbados
Sun, 23 June 2024 C2 v D1 Antigua
Mon, 24 June 2024 B2 v A1 St. Lucia
Mon, 24 June 2024 C1 v D2 St. Vincent
Wed, 26 June 2024 Semi 1 Trinidad and Tobago (reserve day 27 June)
Thur, 27 June 2024 Semi 2 Guyana (reserve day 28 June)
Sat, 29 June 2024 Final Barbados

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Man’s Team Ranking

In this ranking chart, England and India are the favorite teams worldwide. India is top of the Test ranking and England is top of both ODI series and T20 ranking. There are 49 teams on the T20 ranking, among these, Bangladesh stands for the 10th position, and India has been at the top of the ICC ranking since October 2016, after twenty-eight years India won the world cup trophy back in 2012.

On the other hand, England has longed for this position during this period. England also holds the top position of ‘One day International (ODI Championship)’ and ‘twenty 20 International’. There has been a tough competition between these two teams.

T20 World Cup 2024 Venue

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 will be hosted jointly by the United States of America (USA) and the Caribbean. The tournament will feature matches held at three venues in the USA and six venues across various Caribbean islands.

In the USA, matches will be played at venues in Lauderhill, Dallas, and New York, with a blockbuster clash between India and Pakistan scheduled for the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in Long Island.

In the Caribbean, matches will be spread across six different islands, providing a diverse and vibrant backdrop for the tournament.


No Team/Country Points
1 India 270
2 England 265
3 Pakistan 261
4 South Africa 253
5 Australia 251
6 New Zealand 250
7 West Indies 240
8 Bangladesh 233
9 Sri Lanka 230
10 Afghanistan 226
11 UAE 192
12 Zimbabwe 182
source –

Here’s a summary table for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup:

Year Host Winner Runner-up Venue
2007 South Africa India Pakistan Various
2009 England Pakistan Sri Lanka Lord’s
2010 West Indies England Australia Barbados
2012 Sri Lanka West Indies Sri Lanka Colombo
2014 Bangladesh Sri Lanka India Dhaka
2016 India West Indies England Kolkata
2020 Australia Not held (due to COVID-19 pandemic) Not held (due to COVID-19 pandemic) Various (scheduled)
2022 Australia Not held (rescheduled to 2023) Not held (rescheduled to 2023) Various (scheduled)
2024 USA & West Indies TBD TBD USA (Lauderhill, Dallas, New York, Long Island) & Caribbean (Six venues)

Please note that for the years 2020 and 2022, the tournament was either not held or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Countdown has been started for ICC Men’s Cricket T20 World Cup 2024 Schedule that is the most prestigious event of the cricket world. Despite Covid situation, the T20 world cup is one of the lucrative attractions for cricket lovers worldwide. Though Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are not on the list of super 12, it is the first time for Papua New Guinea in a world cup tournament.


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