Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Picture, Biography

The issue regarding Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury is the latest news and one of the hottest topics of different news portals and social media platforms. Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury is the chairman of the JKG healthcare and also working as a registrar doctor in the National Heart Institute and Hospital. After her connection with false coronavirus report scam, many of you are looking for the Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Picture, Biography. In this article, we are going to share with you what information we have so far.

Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Biography

Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury is a Cardiac Surgeon in the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) and now working as a registrar doctor in the National Heart Institute and Hospital. She is also the chairman of the JKG healthcare situated in Dhaka. She has somehow managed to set up coronavirus testing booths in different locations of Dhaka and outside Dhaka as a non-government healthcare organization.

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Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Biography

The name of her husband is JKG CEO Arif Chowdhury. Though she recently claimed that Arif Chowdhury is no longer her husband as she sent him a divorce letter earlier, which will be in effect within two months.

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Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Picture

Dr Sabrina Arif pic

 Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Picture

In personal life, Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury is a nice looking stylish woman who used to lead a gorgeous life. Since she is a doctor in the profession and also owns a private hospital with her husband, her lifestyle is very gorgeous. Not only her false corona testing scam but also her good looking face and higher lifestyle helped her to get much attention of the mass people and media.

Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Picture

However, if you want to get some of Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury picture, biography, you can get these by following the link here. You will also get a download link to download her picture.

Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Hot
Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury

 Dr Sabrina Hot Pic

Some people are looking for Dr Sabrina Hot Pic. Bu we don’t have enough pic of Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury. Just we collect some picture from internet.

Dr Sabrina Hot Pic

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Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury Coronavirus Testing Scam

Though Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury and her healthcare got to manage to set up booths in different locations in Dhaka city and outside Dhaka city from the health ministry, they were engaged in providing false reports to thousands of patients and suspected patients. Thus, they have made huge money within a very short period of time. The real scenario is that they collected samples from people but did not go through any testing process.

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 Dr Sabrina Arif hot Picture

But they provide false reports to people after a certain period. Thus they were misleading people as well as the country. Another important information regarding this issue is that her husband Arif Chowdhury and six other officials of their healthcare sent to jail for the falsification of the same scam or duplicate corona testing result.

Dr Sabrina Picture

The Latest Update about Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury

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After all the incidents, finally, Tejgaon police has arrested Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury yesterday. The Health Ministry has suspended her following her arrest over the scam. Now she is in 3-day remand. However, we come to know that in the remand, she denied her involvement in the scam.

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This is the first day of her remand. We are still waiting for the update of the remaining tow day’s remand. Just after getting any update, we will inform you all. Till then, stay tuned and be satisfied with the provided details of Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury picture, biography.


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