Humaira Himu Biography, Age, Husband, News, Death Date & Reason, FB, Insta

Humaira Himu was a BD TV and film actress who rose to fame with her role of “Aru Apa” in the movie “Amar Bondhu Rashed”. She has once again been a hot topic of discussion following a sudden & suspicious death. Here GTV Live will unfold Bangladeshi Actress Humaira Himu Biography, age, husband’s name, latest news, death date & reason, and more. Azmeri Haque Badhon Biography, Age, Husband, Height, Education, Net Worth.

Humaira Himu Biography

Full Name Humaira Nusrat Himu
Date of Birth 23 November 1985
Age (During Death) 37 Years 11 Months
Place of Birth Lakshmipur, Bangladesh
Date of Death 2 November 2023
Profession Actress
Active Status Died
Nationality Bangladeshi
Religion Islam

Humaira Himu Age

Himu was born on 23rd November 1985 in Lakshmipur district of Chittagong division in Bangladesh. She aged 37 Years and 11 Months during her death. She died just 21 days prior to her 39th birthday while waiting to be 38!

Humaira Himu Husband Name

The actress was married to another renowned BD TV actor Anisur Rahman Milon. Himu and Milon were attached together thanks to their co-activities in different media works. However, the couple didn’t have a long or happy married life. Issuing domestic violence, they had to detach each other in 2015. They share a daughter named Anika who was born in 2012.

Humaira Himu News

Himu’s abrupt death news became a topic of discussion among general people. Fans sought the exact reasons for her death and different sources came up with various news and info.

Humaira Himu Biography
Humaira Himu Death Reason & Date

Humaira Himu Death Date

The alluded actress died on 2nd November 2023. As we’ve already mentioned, Himu was 21 days short of completing her 38 and celebrating the 39th birthday.

Humaira Himu Death Reason

Himu’s friend Mohammad Ziauddin alias Rufi alias Urfi Zia was arrested by the RAB with an accusation of being involved with her death. However, Rufi said that Himu committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling structure. Ruifi also revealed that Himu was having an altercation with him regarding financial affairs. Marriage and gambling have often been the issues of their fighting. He also added that Himu tried to commit suicide a number of times previously but eventually couldn’t go all the way except this time. In fact, Ruifi watched the incident right from the bed but thought she wouldn’t be able to commit once again but this time she completed the procedure.

Her dead body was taken for the autopsy. Himu’s Namaz-e-Janaza was held at Channel I Premises. Many of her known claimed that she wasn’t the type of person who could commit suicide. They suspect a murder.

Humaira Himu Wikipedia

Here is the Wikipedia page link dedicated to the late Humaira Himu. Humaira Himu Wiki.

Humaira Himu Facebook

Himu didn’t run any official FB account.

Humaira Himu Instagram

Just like Facebook. Himu also didn’t have an official Instagram account as well. However, she used to spend a lot of her time on Bigo Live. She met Rufi through this platform and also used to gamble through it. Her addiction to Bigo Live distracted her from her regular media work as well. Tanjim Saiyara Totini Biography, Age, Birthday, BF, Insta, FB, Pic.

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