Afran Nisho vs Shakib Khan Comparison, Who is Better?

Bangladeshi film industry Dhallywood might have forgotten last time when it witnessed an intense, fierce rivalry between 2 superstars. But 2023 Eid Ul Adha has brought in a wonderful occasion as the industry’s newcomer Afran Nisho came out all guns blazing to challenge superstar Shakib Khan. The occasion hasn’t only brought in Surongo vs Priyotoma face-to-face but also given us a chance to make a comparison between Afran Nisho and Shakib Khan. So, let’s find out, Afran Nisho vs Shakib Khan, Who is Better? Toma Mirza Biography, Age, Husband, Before After, Instagram, FB.

Afran Nisho vs Shakib Khan Comparison

Shakib Khan has been in the film industry for more than 2 decades. The “King-Khan” of BD has been ruling the box office for more than a decade. While, Afran Nisho, who has established himself from a model & host to a superstar of the country’s Dramas and Web Series and finally makes his film debut at the halfway mark of 2023 when he is already 42.

Here we will take a look at the important attributes of both actors and will come to the conclusion, of who is better.


Both look great but if you ask for a precise outcome, then might be Shakib Khan would edge past Nisho a bit to be the more handsome among 2. Although both guys have charming looks and attractive body fitness at the moment.

Acting Skill:

You can’t be a superstar without good acting skills. Both of them are good actors but Nisho is seemed to be the better actor between the 2. And only 2 persons in the entire country can perhaps challenge Nisho’s acting ability and they are Mosharrof Karim and Chanchal Chowdhury.


In this case, Shakib Khan is simply nowhere near Nisho. Afran has been a seriously versatile actor just like Mosharrof and Chanchal while Shakib Khan’s most appearances have been of a similar type.

Afran Nisho vs Shakib Khan Comparison
Afran Nisho vs Shakib Khan: Who is Better?


Both Skaib Khan and Nisho have enormous fanbases throughout the country. The majority of Shakib Khan’s fanbase is working-class people while Nisho has a vast portion of his fanbase belonging to the University students and job-holders. Nisho has a huge fanbase in the Indian-Bangla region as well thanks to the sheer class of Bangla Natok.

Shakib Khan has the more number of followers on Facebook with as many as 6.4 million followers to date which is almost double to Nisho’s 3.5 million followers at the moment.

Nisho has more followers on Instagram. His Insta account has around 700k followers while Shakib Khan has just 222k at the moment.


Both are highly experienced and proven. Shakib Khan has been in the cinema industry for decades. Nisho might be a new face for Cinemas but he is no less proven, to be honest, as he worked on loads of Dramas (Natok), Web Series, Music Videos, etc.

Success and Appreciation Rate:

This is the attribute where we’ve placed how one selects his tasks. Nisho has been involved with hundreds of highly successful dramas and web and he has really been good at selecting those. While, Shakib Khan has worked on many movies but a large portion of those have been taken as memes, trolling, and quite depreciated by the educated audience. In this case, Nisho seems to be the winner but he is new in the film industry and only time can say how good stories he can select in this sector. Check BD Govt Job Circular

Afran Nisho vs Shakib Khan: Who is Better?

AttributeWho is Better
Appearance and OutlookShakib Khan
Acting SkillAfran Nisho
VersatilityAfran Nisho
More Facebook FollowersShakib Khan
More Instagram FollowersAfran Nisho
Experience (Overall Career)Shared
Experience (Film)Shakib Khan
Success and Appreciation Rate (Overall Career)Afran Nisho

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