Can Inter Miami Win MLS Cup 2023 This Season?

Inter Miami stood at the bottom of the table when Leo Messi joined them. They were 15th out of 15 sides in the Eastern Conference and were ridiculously 29th out of 29 sides in the entire MLS table. That’s how much shaky they have been this season prior to Leo’s arrival. Leo Messi came and helped them win the Leagues Cup and also took them to the US Open Cup Final. But, Can Inter Miami Win MLS Cup 2023 This Season? It’s a massive & most asked question of the time. Here we will dissect and reach the answer. Inter Miami Match Schedule 2023 BD Time (Game Date).

Can Inter Miami Win MLS This Season?

As you know, Inter Miami’s league table stats read (prior to Messi’s MLS Debut),

Number of Games Played 22 Games
No. of Wins 5 Wins
Draws 3 Draws
No. Of Defeats 14 Defeats
Goal Difference -14
Total Points 18 Points
Position in the Conference Table 15th out of 15
Position in the League Table 29th out of 29
Games Left in the Regular Season 12

At the very same moment, Conference Topper or League Topper FC Cincinnati was cruising with as many as 51 points prior to Leo’s debut. They had 33 more points. So how can Inter Miami win MLS This Season? You’ll be surprised to know the answer is still yes, mathematically. How!?

Can Inter Miami Win MLS 2023

Like all other leagues, MLS champions aren’t determined through the league point system. There are 2 conferences: Eastern and Western. Both of these conference winners are different during the regular season. The regular season toppers are labeled as the Conference Winners, but the actual Championship or MLS Cup is determined by a knockout-type competition at the end of the regular season.

According to the latest rule this season, one team can still win the MLS (MLS Cup) if it finishes within the top 9 of its conference!

Can Inter Miami make the MLS playoffs?

Yes, definitely. There are 15 sides in the Eastern Conference where Inter Miami competes. If somehow, the Herons finish within the top 9 then they will qualify for the MLS Playoffs.

Can Inter Miami Win MLS
Can Inter Miami Win MLS Cup 2023 This Season?

Can Inter Miami Win MLS Cup

Yes and here is the process dissection.

If Inter Miami finishes 8th or 9th in the Conference table then it will face the other opposition who finishes 9th or 8th in the respective scenario. And then if Inter Miami wins that game then they will head to the Conference Quarterfinals.

On the other hand, If Inter Miami finishes among the top 7 of the Conference, then it will directly head toward the Conference Quarterfinals.

In the next phase, during the Conference Quarterfinals; the Conference’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th toppers will face the very same conference’s 8th/9th, 7th, 6th, and 5th toppers respectively. Then the 4 winners will head to the Conference Semifinals, which will be followed by the Conference Final contesting 2 winners from the semis. Eventually, the Eastern Conference Winner will take on the Western Conference Winner. This will be the MLS Cup Final and there will be only 1 winner across the Conferences who will be declared the MLS Champions.

Can Inter Miami play CONCACAF?

Yes, surely. They’ve already qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League, thanks to their Leagues Cup Glory. In fact, Inter Miami will feature in the Round Of 16 of the CONCACAF Champions League Upcoming Season.

Can teams from MLS qualify for Champions League?

Yes, but to the CONCACAF Champions League only, not the UEFA Champions League.

Is it possible for an MLS team to go to the Champions League?

We will provide the content link right here that will explain to you the possibility of an MLS team going to the UEFA Champions League. Stay tuned to get the answer.


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