Olympic Games 2022 Schedule [Beijing Winter Olympics Dates]

Olympics Games 2022 is the thirty-second edition of the modern Olympics Games. Beijing will host this Winter edition of the Olympics for the second time in the Olympic Games history. There is a pre-scheduled for the upcoming Olympic Games. We all know about the recent condition of the world and the schedules of different games. However, let’s have a look at the Olympic Games 2022 Schedule.

As all of you know, in an honor of Zeus [the father of Greek God and Goddesses] ancient Olympic games were introduced, Olympic Games were a part of the religious festival of ancient times as well. According to the Penn Museum, in a rural tabernacle of Western Peloponnesus named Olympia, the festival games were held.

When are the next Olympics?

We’ve been spoiled with back-to-back Olympics. After Beijing, we’ll have to wait two years for the Paris Summer Olympics. The next Olympics are:

  • Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
  • Paris Summer Olympics 2024
  • Milan Winter Olympics 2026
  • Los Angeles Summer Olympics 2028
  • 2030 Winter Olympics (host unknown)
  • Brisbane Summer Olympics 2032
Host city Beijing, China
Motto Together for a Shared Future
Opening 4 February
Closing 20 February
Nations 90
Athletes 2,821
Events 109 in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Opened by President Xi Jinping (expected)
Stadium Beijing National Stadium

Olympic Games: Earlier to Now

Only male people from all Greek worlds were allowed to participate in the Olympia. After passing all that ancient time now we are on the Modern day’s Olympics, where male and female both can participate. Now let’s get on to the schedule of modern days Olympics Games 2022 schedule. In the 2022’s Olympic Games there are 33 major types of sports are going to be held. Considering the minor sports there are highly likely 46 types of sports that are going to be played and 339 events will run. Get your diaries ready!

Dates And Schedule Of Beijing 2022 Sports

  • Alpine skiing (Feb 6-11; Feb 13; Feb 15-17; Feb 19)
  • Bobsleigh (Feb 13-15; Feb 18-20)
  • Biathlon (Feb 5; Feb 7-8; Feb 11-13; Feb 15-16; Feb 18-19)
  • Cross-country skiing (Feb 5-6; Feb 8; Feb 10-13; Feb 16; Feb 19-20)
  • Curling (Feb 2-20)
  • Freestyle skiing (Feb 3; Feb 5-10; Feb 13-19)
  • Figure skating (Feb 4; Feb 6-8; Feb 10; Feb 12; Feb 14-15; Feb 17-20)
  • Ice hockey (Feb 3-20)
  • Luge (Feb 5-9)
  • Nordic combined (Feb 9; Feb 15; Feb 17)
  • Snowboard (Feb 5-12; Feb 14-15)
  • Ski jumping (Feb 5-7; Feb 11-12; Feb 14)
  • Skeleton (Feb 10-12)
  • Speed skating (Feb 5-8; Feb 10-13; Feb 15; Feb 17-19)
  • Short track speed skating (Feb 5; Feb 7; Feb 9; Feb 11; Feb 13; Feb 16)

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Schedule

Super Saturday

On the 4th of February at the opening day of Olympics games, 2022 will start off with the women’s 10m air rifle along with archery, cycling, judo, fencing, weightlifting, and taekwondo. On day 1, 11 medals will be given on that day. On the second day of the event, Basketball 3×3 will get held. Some of the new sports like this will be shown. Two new venues of Beijing will come to light at the early stage of the event.

Make sure you got yourself free from all your daily to-do! Because at weekend on February 1st, super Saturday where 21 medals will be awarded.  From shooting sports to triathlon there will be something for everyone. Make yourself ready for the super Saturday, don’t miss out. This is because the Olympic Games schedule 2022 start with this.

The Golden Sunday

The Golden Sunday, the 6th February followed by super Saturday, where 26 events including a medal for each event. There 100 m men athletics final will happen, along with women marathon and gymnastics for both genders. And the most exciting sports men’s tennis single finale would happen.  BMX freestyle, park skateboarding, and sport climbing will be held accordingly 1st and 2nd February, 5th and 6th February, 4th to 7th February. Olympic Games 2022 will debut in Tokyo on the 20th of February. On that day karate and other sports will be held.

The Great Grand Finale

At the new stadium, the finale of every event will be held. 30 remarkable sports finales would be taken place here as well on February of 8. Some exciting events like women’s golf, men’s football, baseball, rhythmic gymnastics, men’s volleyball, and adventurous swimming team fight will be there for everyone. The greatest Olympic Games 2022, Tokyo will come down to an end in February of 9. This was so far the schedule for the Olympic Games this year.

Ending Thought

Finally, there is bad news for all Olympic Games fans around the world. Because of the deadly Corona Virus there might be a changed at schedule. There is a rumor that it may shift to 2022 February. But the federation is not sure about it. Hopefully, all the bad things will go away soon and we will enjoy our favorite Olympic Games as its schedule before.


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