FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022 (USD, Rupees, Taka, Euro)

FIFA World Cup is not only the most popular sports event in the world but also the competition that represents the most expensive trophy in world sports. In fact, the Greatest Show on Earth provides the biggest prize money among participants and winners. That’s the beauty of the FIFA World Cup. Well, FIFA World Cup Prize Money has been one of the most searched topics of the week. GTV Live which broadcasts the competition live reveals the FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022 in different currencies. Argentina vs France Final 2022 Live Match Time, Prediction, H2H, Odds.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022

FIFA announced the prize money for the 2022 edition way before the start of the competition. Here is the complete chart of FIFA World Cup Prize Money in US Dollars.

Position  Remarks Prize Money
Champions (1st) Winner of the Final 42 Million US Dollars
Runners-up (2nd) Losing Finalist 30 Million US Dollars
3rd-Place (Semifinalist) 3rd Place Match Winner 27 Million US Dollars
4th-Place The loser of the 3rd Place Match 25 Million US Dollars
5th-8th Losing Quarterfinalists 17 Million US Dollars
9th-16th Losers in the Round Of 16 13 Million US Dollars
17th-32nd Group Stage Elimination 9 Million US Dollars
Total Overall Prize Money Spending 440 Million US Dollars
Preparation Fee All 32 Teams will get this Sum for Preparation 2.5 Million US Dollars

FIFA World Cup Prize Money List

Here you’ll find the World Cup Winners’ Prize Money list from 1982 (Spain) to 2022 (Qatar) edition.

World Cup Edition Host Nation Champions Prize Money
2022 Qatar 42 Million US Dollars
2018 Russia 38 Million US Dollars
2014 Brazil 35 Million US Dollars
2010 South Africa 30 Million US Dollars
2006 Germany 20 Million US Dollars
2002 Japan and South Korea 8 Million US Dollars
1998 France 6 Million US Dollars
1994 United States 4 Million US Dollars
1990 Italy 3.5 Million US Dollars
1986 Mexico 2.8 Million US Dollars
1982 Spain 2.2 Million US Dollars

So making a comparison, we can see that FIFA has increased the winners’ Prize Money by 4 million USD as the winner received 38 million in Russia but is gonna take 42 million USD in Qatar. On the other hand, in the last 40 years, the champions’ Prize Money has increased almost 20 times. In 1982 Spain, the winners got just 2.2 million USD compared to this edition’s $42 million.

FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022 Indian Rupees

Position in the World Cup Prize Money in INR
Champions 347 Crore Indian Rupees
Runners-Up 248 Crore Indian Rupees
3rd 223 Crore Indian Rupees
4th 207 Crore Indian Rupees
5th-8th 141 Crore Indian Rupees
9th-16th 107 Crore Indian Rupees
17th-32nd 74 Crore Indian Rupees
FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022
FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022 Bangladesh Taka

FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022 Bangladesh Taka

Position or Remarks Prize Money in BDT
Champion Team 440 Crore Bangladeshi Taka
Runners-Up Team 314 Crore Bangladeshi Taka
Winner of 3rd Place Match 283 Crore Bangladeshi Taka
Loser of 3rd Place Match 262 Crore Bangladeshi Taka
Losing Quarterfinalists 178 Crore Bangladeshi Taka
Losers in the Round Of 16 136 Crore Bangladeshi Taka
Group Stage Elimination 94 Crore Bangladeshi Taka

How much money do you get for winning the World Cup 2022?

One of the most frequently asked questions. Perhaps, you’ve already got the answer from the above chart. But in case you still have any confusion then the winners of the Qatar World Cup will bag 42 million US Dollars. In other currencies, it’s as much as 39.62 Euros or 34.59 British Pounds. Moreover, the FIFA World Cup Prize Money 2022 in Bangladesh is 440 Crore Bangladeshi Taka (winning team). In Indian Rupees, the sum is approximately 347 Crore INR.

How much money does a team get after winning World Cup?

The champion team will get 42 million US Dollars for winning the World Cup in Qatar. The amount was 38 million in Russia and 35 million in Brazil. This amount generally increases in each next edition. In the last 40 years, the amount has increased around 20 times.

Do World Cup winners get money?

Yeah, definitely. World Cup winners get a massive amount of money. It’s the biggest prize money in all sports. In fact, every 32 participating teams take something home.

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