English Premier League Sponsorship Deals 2023

English Premier League is the most popular as well as the best domestic football competition in the world. The league is not only the best in terms of its intensely competitive and attacking football but also the best regarding broadcasting and sponsorship deals. Here GTV Live will reveal the English Premier League Sponsorship Deals as of 2023. We will also try to provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions about the EPL sponsorship deals.

Premier League Sponsorship Deals

Find out details about Premier League Sponsorship Deals and know which brands are sponsoring the English highest-tier football competition in 2023 and how much they are paying. Also, know Who is the Premier League’s main sponsor in 2023? Is Barclays still sponsoring the Premier League?

Which Brands Sponsor the Premier League?

The EPL sponsorship is assigned to multiple brands. The number of sponsors at the moment is no less than 7. Find out which brands are sponsoring the Premier League as of 2023.

Brand Name Sponsor Type
EA Sports Lead Sponsor
Nike Official Ball Partner/Sponsor
Barclays Official Bank
Budweiser Official Beer
Castrol Official Engine Oil Partner
Hublot Official Timekeeper
Oracle Official Cloud Partner

Premier League Sponsorship Contract

Here are the EPL Sponsorship contracts. You can find when which brands have signed deals with the English top-flight. Nike is one of the oldest endorsers and the oldest to carry on to date. The official ball providers first signed in 2000. On the other hand, among the current top endorsers Castrol is the newest signing for the first time in 2022.

Sponsor Name Date Signed
Budweiser 2019
Oracle 2021
Hublot 2020
Barclays 2001
Nike 2000
Castrol 2022
EA Sports 2016
Premier League Sponsorship Deals
Premier League Sponsorship Revenue Contract

Premier League Sponsorship Revenue

Are you too much excited to know how much money each brand pays for the endorsement deals with the EPL? Well, here is the authentic chart which will show you actually how much a brand has to spend each year to endorse the most popular football league.

Brand/Sponsor  Annual Worth in US Currency Annual Worth in British Currency
EA Sports 28.3 Million US Dollars 22.84 Million British Pounds
Barclays 19.6 Million US Dollars 15.82 Million British Pounds
Castrol 14.7 Million US Dollars 11.87 Million British Pounds
Budweiser 11 Million US Dollars 8.88 Million British Pounds
Hublot 8.9 Million US Dollars 7.18 Million British Pounds
Nike Undisclosed (40-45 Million US Dollars App.) Undisclosed (32-36 Million GBP)
Oracle Unrevealed (35-40 Million US Dollars App.) Unrevealed (28-32 Million GBP)

Premier League Top Sponsorship Deals

Premier League’s top endorsers have been multiple brands. Barclays has always been a name that couldn’t be detached from the English top flight. On the other hand, EA Sports too has played a lead role in recent years.

Who is the Premier League Main Sponsor?

EA Sports is serving as the lead sponsor of the English Premier League.

EA Sports Premier League Sponsorship Deal

The biggest gaming production company signed the deal with EPL for the first time in 2016. It is currently the main sponsor or lead partner of the alluded league. The deal sum is 28.3 Million US Dollars per year. In British currency, it’s equivalent to 22.84 million British Pounds.

Barclays Premier League Sponsorship

Many guys actually search the English Premier League sponsorship deal as the Barclays Premier League sponsorship. For those guys, the answers already have been revealed. But here we will discuss another related topic.

Barclays signed as an endorser of the English top-tier football competition back in 2001. It served as the title sponsor for years. But in 2016, the authority brought in a change in their strategy. The title sponsorship no longer exists and the league got renamed simply as the “Premier League”.

Is Barclays still sponsoring the Premier League?

Yeah, Barclays is still sponsoring the Premier League, but no longer as the title sponsor. Instead, it’s now the official banking partner of the league. Definitely one of the longest-running sponsors not only in EPL history but also in club football history. Recently the Premier League and Barclays extended their deal and revealed it on social media. According to reports, the deal will be as expensive as 19.6 Million US Dollars per year. It will run for three years and will expire no before 2024-25. In these 3 years, the deal will be worth $58.8 million. Aston Villa Next Match List in BD Time.

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