Heat Officer Bushra Afreen Biography, Age, Education, Insta, FB

Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen has suddenly become a topic of discussion in entire Bangladesh after her appointment in this post. She is the first-ever in her country and in the entire continent to adorn the C.H.O. post. Here we will have an insight look at Dhaka Bangladesh’s Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen Biography. Know more about Heat Officer Bushra Afreen Age, Education, Work, & Salary, and find her Wikipedia, Instagram, & FB link. Umme Ahmed Shishir Biography, Net Worth, Education, Age, Insta.

Chief Heat Officer Bangladesh

For the first time, in Bangladesh, a Chief Heat Officer has been appointed. In fact, it’s the very first Heat Officer appointment in any city of the entire Asia continent.

Heat Officer Dhaka

The appointed heat officer will serve as the Chief Heat Controlling Officer of the Dhaka North City Corporation. The appointment took place on Wednesday, 3rd of May, 2023. The city suffered excessive heat waves in recent weeks which was metered as the peak in the 58 years of history.

Heat Officer Bushra Afrin

Many people searched on the Internet about Heat Officer Bushra Afrin. However, her actual name spelling is Bushra Afreen. We used Afrin here to clarify those people who searched with this spelling. For exact results on the Internet, one should search for “Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen”.

Heat Officer Bushra
Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen Biography

Bushra Afreen Biography

Full Name Bushra Afreen
Father Name Atiqul Islam
Family Introduction Daughter of Atiqul Islam, Current mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation
Date of Birth July 12th, 1993
Place of Birth Dhaka, Bangladesh
Current Age 29 Years Old
Education Graduated in Global Development Studies
University Queen’s University, Canada
Profession Chief Heat Officer
Current Residence Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bushra Afreen Age

Afreen was born on July 12th, 1993. She is the Daughter of Atiqul Islam, the Current mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation. Bushra ages 29 at the moment. She will fulfill her 30 in the forthcoming July.

Bushra Afrin Education

Bushra completed her Secondary at a local school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then at the higher secondary level, she flew to Canada and also completed her graduation in the Great White North. Afreen obtained her Honors Degree in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University, Canada. The University is located in Kingston, Ontario.

The mentioned lady also studied at the Institute of Local Government Studies (ILGS), in Ghana. The ILGS is located at Ogbojo near Ashalley Botwe, Accra.

Bushra Afreen Husband

Many of the male people asked for her marital status and husband’s name. This beautiful lady is currently happily married. Her husband’s name is Usman Ghani who serves as a government officer. Bushra and Usman share a baby daughter. They currently have only one child.

Bushra Afreen Social Works

Bushra used to work on a Women’s Development project in Ghana. After making her return to BD, she has contributed to mention-worthy activities. She joined as a Managing Executive at the county’s biggest NGO Shakti Foundation. This multi-talented lady also worked with DNCC as a Policy Consultant for Avayaranna. She is a social worker and worked for the betterment of the Garments worker. The hard-working women worked devotedly to ensure the safety of the Garments workers.

Bushra’s notable doing so far has been to build a “task force” to minimize the temperature in the Garments Factories. She has been able to bring in positive changes in the sector. The working mothers got the facility of separate rooms to feed their babies and children got Day Care facilities under her supervision where trainers got trained as well.

What will Chief Heat Officer do in Bangladesh?

Now let’s find out what Chief Heat Officer Bushra Afreen will do in Bangladesh. Well, the Chief Heat Officer plans and takes initiatives to lessen the temperature of the area. Their major task is to create awareness among the general mass on temperature increase. The appointed C.H.O. takes short-term and long-term projects to materialize the planning.

Tree Plantation is one of the front-lined tasks while they also facilitate proper shedding for people. Heat stresses and other heat-related sickness treatments are also ensured by the Chief Heat Officer. They always prioritize the Urban Heat Islands and Dhaka is one of the biggest examples in the entire Asian continent.

Heat officer Bushra Afreen Instagram Facebook Wikipedia
Heat Officer Bushra Afrin Age, Education, Husband, Father, Works

Chief Heat Officer Salary

Chief Heat Officer, this post was established by a United States-based organization named Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center. The organization aims to make a Billion people resilient to heat waves by minimizing the temperature of the globe. It cherishes reaching its goal by 2030.

The salary would be sanctioned & provided by the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation. DNCC has nothing to deal with this salary. The exact salary sum is not known at the moment. But she will surely make thousands of Dollars every month.

Heat officer Bushra Afreen Covid

Bushra Afreen has been tested positive with Covid-19 just a couple of days later to her appointment as the country’s first-ever heat officer. Her Covid reports came out positive on Friday, May 5th, 2023.

Bushra Afreen Wikipedia

Mrs. Bushra currently has no dedicated Wikipedia page in her name. But our this content should be enough to provide you with all the necessary information about the lady.

Bushra Afreen Instagram

There were many asking about Bushra Afreen’s Instagram but currently, we can’t ensure you of any official Instagram account of Mrs. Afree.

Bushra Afreen Facebook

We also can’t provide you with her official Facebook ID or page link at the moment. There are many fake profiles or pages created using her name. However, we can provide you with her Linkedin account link.

Heat Officer in the World

Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center has appointed a number of Chief Heat Officers in different cities around the world. Their vision is to resist climate change and minimize heat-related issues. They appointed their first-ever Chief Heat Officer in 2021. Currently, the following cities have appointed Chief Heat Officers. Take a look at the list. Sanjida Akhter Footballer Biography, Age, Facebook Instagram, Pic.

City Country Chief Heat Officer Name(s)
Miami, Florida United States of America Jane Gilbert
Los Angeles (UN-Habitat and Arsht-Rock) United States of America Eleni Myrivili
Santiago de Chile Chile Cristina Huidobro Tornvall
Freetown, Santiago Sierra Leone Eugenia Kargbo
Athens Greece Elisavette Bargianni
Melbourne Australia Krista Milne and Tiffany Crawford
Dhaka (North City Corporation) Bangladesh Bushra Afreen


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