La Liga Sponsorship Deals 2023 (Revenue, List)

La Liga is the highest-tier domestic football competition in England. The league is labeled as one of the most exciting and popular football leagues in the world. It often competes with the English Premier League for the best league in the world labeling. The Spanish top flight is assigned to multiple partners and each partner has a different role to play. Here you can find the complete La Liga Sponsorship Deals as of 2023. English Premier League Sponsorship Deals 2023.

La Liga Sponsorship Deals

Know which Companies sponsor La Liga, La Liga Main Sponsor, and La Liga Sponsors List, along with the detailed La Liga Sponsorship Deals with revenue.

La Liga Sponsors List

Find the La Liga Sponsors list as of 2023. See all the sponsors endorsing the Spanish highest-tier.

  • Puma
  • EA Sports
  • BKT
  • Santander
  • San Miguel
  • Gol-Ball
  • TVM
  • Sorare
  • Golazos
  • Panini
  • Microsoft

Which Companies Sponsor La Liga?

This is a highly frequently asked question on search engines. Well, the number of companies currently sponsoring La Liga is in double digits including the main partner, regional partner, and associated brands. Find the complete chart including each company or brand’s role.

Company or Brand Name Role / Sponsor Type
Santander Previous Title Sponsor (Deal to end after 2022/23)
EA Sports New Title Sponsor
Puma Football Partner Blockchain Partner
BKT Tires Sponsors
TVM Metaverse Partner
Sorare Fantasy Platform
Gol-Ball Ball Sponsors
San Miguel Bear Sponsor
Golzaos Blockchain Partner
Microsoft Associated Brand
La Liga Sponsorship Deals
La Liga Sponsorship Revenue

La Liga Sponsorship Revenue

The most fascinating part of this content. Enthusiasts often love to know how much a brand or company pays to endorse a player, team, or league. Here you can find the full chart of La Liga Sponsorship Revenues. See which brand is paying how much to the La Liga authority to endorse the Spanish top-flight.

Sponsor Name Annual Worth in US Currency Yearly Worth in Euros
EA Sports (Will Activate after 22/23) 32.5 Million US Dollars 29.9 Million Euros
Santander (To end after 22/23) 22 Million US Dollars 20.2 Million Euros
Sorare 12 Million US Dollars 11 Million Euros
Gol-Ball 8 Million US Dollars 7.35 Million Euros
Puma 5.6 Million US Dollars 5.15 Million Euros
San Miguel Unrevealed (Est. 7 Million US Dollars) Unrevealed (6.4 Million Euros)
BKT Unrevealed (EST 8.9 Million US Dollars) Unrevealed (8.2 Million Euros) 4.3 Million US Dollars 3.95 Million Euros
TVM Unrevealed (Est 5.1 Million US Dollars) Unrevealed (4.7 Million Euros)

La Liga Main Sponsor

Santander has served as the main sponsor of the La Liga but will only act till the end of the 2022-23 campaign as La Liga has signed a new sponsorship deal with a new company.

La Liga Santander Sponsorship

Santander served as the main or title sponsor of the Spanish La Liga for 7 seasons. The deal saw the company enjoying the privilege of being the title sponsor from 2016-17. During the last 7 campaigns, the league used to be known as the La Liga Santander. However, the deal is gonna expire at the end of the 2022-23 campaign. Santander used to pay 22 Million US Dollars per year during its reign as the title sponsor.

La Liga New Sponsor

La Liga’s new title sponsor will be none other than EA Sports. The video gaming industry has agreed on a 5-year deal to end Santander’s reign. So from 2023-24 onwards, the league’s name will be pronounced along with EA Sports. The alluded gaming industry will pay an annual 32.5 million US Dollars to the league authority. It has been a record-breaking deal in Spanish domestic football league history. The 5-year lengthy deal will be worth no less than 160 million USD.

Is LaLiga sponsored by Santander?

Yes, but the deal will only be activated till 2022-23 campaign and after the 2022-23 campaign, EA Sports will replace Santander as the league’s title sponsor.

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