Mohona TV Class Routine 2020 PDF [Mohona TV Live Class]

We all know that due to coronavirus pandemic, the secondary and higher secondary directorate has decided to take classes online. Because of this, the authority has already published an online class routine for different channels so that students can watch the video classes properly. Along with all other online class routines, Mohona TV class routine has also been published. This is good news for students who were waiting for this routine.

Class-wise Mohona TV Class Routine

Students can watch Mohona TV live video classes or live online classes from Mohona TV. This TV channel broadcasts classes for primary students, high school students, and college students. Apart from watching online classes or live classes, students can download the video of the whole class session after the live. So if you miss any class anytime for any reason, you can have the backup and watch the missed class as your preferred time.

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Mohona TV Class Routine PDF

Mohona TV Class Routine is prepared considering the convenience of all the students who are now forced to stay home because of COVID-19. All the classes are being broadcasted for a long time after the lockdown all over the country. After every class, there is a break of a certain time so that you can relax. The good thing is that you can download the PDF version of your class routine. Not only that you can also download the PDF version of the class lectures. Of course, this is a good option for every student so that they can go through the written lectures.

Mohona TV Class Routine PDF

 Monipur High School and College Mohona TV Class Routine

Monipur High School and College broadcasts the video classes for students of all classes using Mohona TV. The institute provides Mohona TV class routine beforehand so that everyone can have information about when their next class is going to be broadcasted. If you want to see the class routine, you need to visit the official sources. Besides all this, you will also get your class routine on our website as well.

Mohona TV Live Class

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We hope that we were able to provide you information that is undoubtedly necessary for this crisis situation. Since you have already got to know everything about the Mohona TV class routine, it’s your time to watch every class attentively and continue your study correctly. It will be wise to complete all the tasks timely so you will not get distracted in any way.


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