Why did Tamim Iqbal Retire, Retirement Reason, Press Conference

Tamim Iqbal who was serving as the Bangladesh National Cricket Team ODI captain, had called a press conference to inform about the future of his career. Here we will reveal the answers like Has Tamim Iqbal Retired? Why did Tamim Iqbal Retire? Bangladesh Probable Squad for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Tamim Iqbal Press Conference

The Bangladesh ODI skipper called for a sudden but emergency press conference on Thursday, July 6th. The conference was to take place at 12 pm local time. However, then it was delayed by an hour and a half as it began at 1:30 pm BD Time.

Tamim Iqbal Retirement

Tamim informed the press journalists that he is not going to continue his international career. He reveals that he has talked with his family and decided that he won’t be carrying on. The opener got very emotional as he spoke and was full of tears. It was shocking info as it was just midway through the Afghan ODI series with 2 more games still remaining. With just 3 months to go for the World Cup, the nation’s cricket freak fans got a serious shock.

Has Tamim Iqbal Retired?

The answer is “YES, Tamim Iqbal has Retired”. And he hasn’t only retired from ODI but also decided to hang up his boots and bat from the Test Cricket which means from all forms of international cricket.

Why did Tamim Iqbal Retire?

There are multiple reasons behind such decisions. Here GTV Live will take a look at the reasons which forced Tamim Iqbal to retire.

Why did Tamim Iqbal Retire
Tamim Iqbal Retirement Reasons & Press Conference

Misinterpreted Journalism

To be honest, the media in Bangladesh is one of the lowest classes labeled by cricket experts after such a scenario. They’ve always misinterpreted facts and once again the rubbish media made a mess of Tamim’s fitness issue news.

Board Chairman’s Grievance

Obviously, the Media’s news couldn’t make a serious difference until the board chairman awkwardly revealed his grievance on the issue in front of the media. Probably, it was the turning-out factor for the case which resulted in the retirement of the alluded cricketer. No doubt, it was seriously unprofessional from the Chief of the Board.

Social Media Reactions

People see what they are shown. Media made the massacre of the news and people were tied with blinders in their eyes by the “Fitness Issue News”. And somehow those reactions this time mattered to the board and they were in a hurry to increase some extra baggage of pressure on the player that forced him to retire at such a stage.

Distance with Team Management

It was another crucial and truly vital factor that founded the stage for Tamim’s early departure. Perhaps, the management had some other wishes over the captaincy role and Tamim’s bad spell with the bat along with a bit of negligence over the fitness issue might have created such distance.

Internal Clash with Shakib Al Hasan

Another reason one may consider and the internal sources reveal that the clash was possibly due to the captaincy role. However, both of them are dedicated and proven cricketers. Ego might have got the better of them but no doubt, even with such conditions, both of them would be keen to perform their level best for their country’s welfare at the biggest event of cricket.

Did Tamim Iqbal Retire?

Unfortunately Yes. Tamim Iqbal has announced his retirement from all formats of international cricket.

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