Bangladesh General Election 2024 Date, Results, Update (BD Next National Vote)

In the national-level voting system of Bangladesh, there is a legislature with one house or chamber. The 12th national or general election is gonna be held in the country during the very early 2024 although the election has been named after “Bangladesh General Election 2023”. Find the Bangladesh General Election 2023 or 2024 Date, Previous Election List and results, Historical Overview, as well as Latest News Update. Bangladesh Cricket Team Schedule 2023 (Next Match Date, Time).

Bangladesh General Election 2023

When is the next national election in BD? What is the last election result in Bangladesh? When was the first election of Bangladesh held? Who was the first elected leader of BD?

BD Next National Election

The next national or general election in Bangladesh will be the 12th national election in the country’s history. The election is named after 2023 but will be held in 2024.

Bangladesh Election Date 2024

BD National Election 2024 will take place in January 2024. Or more precisely, the voting will take place during the first week of January 2024.

2024 Bangladeshi General Election

  • The current Sangsad will expire on 29 January 2024.
  • The 2024 Bangladesh Election Commission will be the official body responsible for ensuring free and fair elections in the country.
  • Awami League is the reigning side that was elected for the last time. Their Alliance is named the Grand Alliance. Sheikh Hasina is the leader of the Bangladesh Awami League.
  • Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) will be the main opposition party. BNP’s alliance side is called the 12-Party Alliance. Begum Khaleda Zia is the leading body of BNP.
  • It will be the 12th national parliamentary election in the history of BD.
  • BNP demanded the government to hand over power to a neutral caretaker government before the elections but Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina refused it and declared there wouldn’t be any unelected govt. again.
  • The 2024 Bangladesh Election Commission was formed on February 27th, 2022. The EC will make sure that the election is conducted in accordance with electoral law and the constitution

Bangladesh Electoral System

The Parliamentary House is called the Jatiya Sangsad in Bangla. It has a total of 350 seats. There has been an allocation of 300 directly elected seats using first-past-the-post voting in single-member constituencies. While the remaining 50 seats are the reserved seats for the women. Elected members proportionally elect the other 50 members of the reserved seats. The parliament sits for a 5-year term.

Jatiya Sangsad Seat Type Number of Seats Electoral System
Directly Elected Members 300 Single-member Territorial Constituencies according to the First-past-the-post Electoral System
Reserved Seats for Women 50 Proportional representation by a vote of the 300 members
Total 350 People’s Voting (300) & MP’s Voting (50)
  • Over the years, the number of reserved seats has been revised.
  • There used to be 30 reserved seats which was increased in the 8th parliament to 45 and then 45 seats were increased to 50 on the 9th parliament.

Bangladesh Election 2024 Results

Well, the election is yet to take place there is no result or outcome yet. We will update the official result of the BD National or General Election 2023-24 right here in detail. Stay tuned to find more.

Historical Overview of Bangladesh National Elections

The very first vote in the country’s history took place in 1970. On December 7th of that year, the first-ever Pakistani general election (that also included East Pakistan as part of it) along with the East Pakistan Provincial Assembly election were held. It was the only election prior to Bangladesh’s independence.

As an independent country, Bangladesh’s first-ever general election was held in 1973. So far, there has been 11 parliamentary elections in BD’s history alongside 3 presidential voting by the people.

Bangladesh National Election List
BD All Election Results (1970-Present)

Bangladesh National Election List

Find the complete list of BD National Elections in History.

Type of Election Number of Election Years
General Election 11 (12th Upcoming) 1970, 1973, 1979, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2008, 2014, 2018, 2023*
Presidential Election 3 1978, 1981, 1986

Bangladesh All Election Date

Election Date Edition
1970 Pakistani general election and 1970 Pakistani general election in East Pakistan 7th December 1970 1st Parliamentary Election
1973 Bangladeshi General Election 7th March 1973 2nd Parliamentary Election
1979 Bangladeshi General Election 18th February, 1979 3rd Parliamentary Election
1986 Bangladeshi General Election 7th May, 1986 4th Parliamentary Election
1988 Bangladeshi General Election 3rd March, 1988 5th Parliamentary Election
1991 Bangladeshi General Election 27th February, 1991 6th Parliamentary Election
1996 Bangladeshi General Election (February & June, the first one was boycotted by opposition party) 15th February, 1996 (Boycotted) & 12th June, 1996 7th Parliamentary Election
2001 Bangladeshi General Election 1st October 2001 8th Parliamentary Election
2008 Bangladeshi General Election 29th December, 2008 9th Parliamentary Election
2014 Bangladeshi General Election 5th January, 2014 10th Parliamentary Election
2018 Bangladeshi General Election 30th December, 2018 11th Parliamentary Election
2023 Bangladeshi General Election January 2024 12th Parliamentary Election

Bangladesh Presidential Election

BD Presidential Election Date Elected Candidate & Party
1978 Bangladeshi Presidential Election (1st) 3rd June, 1978 Ziaur Rahman (Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Front)
1981 Bangladeshi Presidential Election (2nd) 15th November, 1981 Abdus Sattar (Bangladesh Nationalist Party)
1986 Bangladeshi Presidential Election (3rd) 15th October, 1986 Hussain Muhammad Ershad (Jatiya Party)

BD Election Results

Bangladesh General Election Winning Party Number of Seats Claimed
1970 Pakistani General Election Awami League 160 out of 300 Seats
1970 Pakistani General Election in East Pakistan Awami League 288 out of 300 Seats
1973 Bangladeshi General Election Awami League 293 out of 300 Seats
1979 Bangladeshi General Election Bangladesh Nationalist Party 207 out of 300 Seats
1986 Bangladeshi General Election Jatiya Party 153 out of 300 Seats
1988 Bangladeshi General Election Jatiya Party 251 out of 300 Seats
1991 Bangladeshi General Election Bangladesh Nationalist Party 140 out of 300 Seats
1996 Bangladeshi General Election (February Edition, Boycotted) Bangladesh Nationalist Party 278 out of 300 Seats
1996 Bangladeshi General Election (June Edition) Awami League 146 out of 300 Seats
2001 Bangladeshi General Election Bangladesh Nationalist Party 193 out of 300 Seats
2008 Bangladeshi General Election Awami League 230 out of 300 Seats
2014 Bangladeshi General Election Awami League 234 out of 300 Seats
2018 Bangladeshi General Election Awami League 302 out of 350 Seats

What is the Last Election Result in Bangladesh?

The 2018 Bangladeshi General Election was the very last National election in BD. It was the 11th General Election in the country. It took place on the 30th of December 2018 with a voter turnout of 80%. Bangladesh Awami League prevailed for the 4th time overall and 3rd time on the trot under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. The party claimed an overall 302 seats among 350. The Jatiya Party got 26 seats and was the main opposition party. On the other hand, BNP, the true rival of Awami League managed to get just 7 seats and wasn’t satisfied with the voting system & processes.

Last General Election in BD 2018 Bangladeshi General Election
Date 30th December, 2018
Edition 11th Parliamentary Election
Winner Bangladesh Awami League
Seat Claimed 302 out of 350
Main Opposition Party Jatiya Party
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Bangladesh Election Result 2018

Party Votes Percentage Seats
Awami League 63,523,066 74.63 302
Bangladesh Nationalist Party 11,113,253 13.06 07
Jatiya Party 4,443,351 5.22 26
Islami Andolan Bangladesh 1,255,373 1.47 00
Others 4,783,431 5.62 15
Total 85,114,431 100 350
Bangladesh General Election
Bangladesh General Election 2023 Date, Result, Latest News Update

How many elections are there in Bangladesh?

Prior to 2023, there were 11 completed General Elections in Bangladesh with the very next election to be the 12th in history. Moreover, the country has also witnessed 3 Presidential elections as well.

When was the first election of Bangladesh held?

The very first time an election was held in Bangladesh was back in 1970 before the independence of the country when it used to be officially named East Pakistan.

However, the independent Bangladesh experienced its first election in 1973. Meanwhile, the inaugural presidential election in the country took place in 1978.

Event Year
First-ever general Election in BD (East Pakistan) 1970
First National Election in Independent Bangladesh 1973
Inaugural Presidential Election in BD 1978

Who won the 1996 election in Bangladesh?

Read this phase carefully to understand the scenario.

Thenceforth main opposition party, Awami League boycotted the February 15th election and BNP prevailed in the uncontested election by grabbing 278 seats out of 300. By the way, the Awami League’s demands were eventually met as the BNP had to dissolve the parliament and hold elections under a neutral caretaker government.

In the original contested election of 1996, on June 12th, the Awami League under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina gained 15,882,792 votes over BNP’s 14,255,986 votes. They actually won the battle with 146 seats in their favor in opposed to their rivals’ 116 seats. For the first time, the party had the opportunity to consist the government and Sheikh Hasina had the privilege to be the PM for the first time in her life.

Date Result or Winner Number of Seats Claimed Note
Feb 15, 1996 (Boycotted) BNP (Invalid) 278 (Uncontested) Had to give another election under a neutral caretaker government
Jun 12, 1996 Awami League 146 Finalized & authorized Result

Who was the first elected leader of Bangladesh?

The first elected leader of Bangladesh was Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was the inaugural elected leader of both East Pakistan and independent Bangladesh.

Bangladesh 2024 Election Latest News Update

GTV Live will reveal all the latest news & updates on the Bangladesh National Election 2024 here.

  • BNP demanded a caretaker government for a fair election.
  • PM Sheikh Hasina refused the BNP’s proposal and doesn’t want an unelected government once again taking the rulership.
  • US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced a new visa policy vis-a-vis Bangladesh on the 23rd of May in 2023 in order to support the country’s goal of holding free, fair, and peaceful national elections.
  • US Ambassador Peter Haas announced that a US pre-election monitoring team consisting of experts who have previous experience in election monitoring & preparation would arrive in the country in October. He announced it on the inaugural day of August this year.
  • Election Commissioner Anisur Rahman confirmed the polling will take place in January’s opening week.

Stay tuned to get more updates. Dhaka Metro Rail Bangladesh Ticket Price.

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